AE2 in the Aegean January-April, 1915

Picture of AE2 in the Aegean January-April, 1915

AE2's arrival in the Mediteranean was not without incident. Before undertaking her mission on 25 April, she was involved in a grounding at Port Mudros necessitating repairs at Malta. The grounding gave Commander Stoker and her crew experience in refloating a submarine that was later to prove invaluable in the treacherous and shallow waters of the Dardanelles. Included in the links below, is a link to National Archives copy of the official Court of Inquiry, conducting into the Mudros grounding on 10 March, 1915.

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National Archives of Australia copy:
NAA: MP472/1, 16/15/4192

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Australian War Memorial copy:
AWM: C01654

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