AE1 and AE2 at Malta

Picture of AE1 and AE2 at Malta

On 2 March, 1914 submarines AE1 & AE2 left Portsmouth for Australia. The trip was protracted with several mechanical breakdowns. On the 24 May, 1914 AE1 & AE2 arrived in Sydney. In his memoirs [AWM: 3DRL/2965] Able Seaman John Harrison Wheat provides a first hand account of the trip:

"During the month of June, most of the crew are on leave. On August 4, war is declared. The boat is not ready to proceed to sea, so it is necessary to put into a lot of overtime to finish the engines and to get the torpedoes tested and afterwards get them in postion on the boat. Everything is ready on August 9th."

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